We want more!

Money makes the world go round, they often say. But we are not that impressed by ‘them’. We like to set our own rules. Even if they don’t correspond with the business we’re in.


Yes, we are in the world of money.

But money is not what we are here for.

We are here for the people.

Of course: we are people who do a good job. To put it mildly.

For our clients. Our team. And ourselves.

After all: we are a business. Not a charity.


Our last shirt we wear has no pockets. Your last shirt neither. Let us use our time wisely, let us exploit our time left.

Making every second worth living.


Worth giving. Worth growing.

In every thinkable way.

For our clients. Our team. And ourselves.

Therefore money is a tool. Not the goal.

A tool to invest. In talent. In education. In personal development. In realizing dreams everybody (and every business) will profit from. In fulfilling potential.

Of our clients. Our team. And ourselves.


So yes: we want more.




More pro-activity.

More chances.

More ambition.

More feed back.

More giving back.

More multiplying by dividing.

More innovation, more ‘out-of-the-box’, more different angles in an industry that is dying for change. Because its about time.


People make the world go round.

Our clients do. Our team members do. And we do. 24/7, all around the globe.

As promised.

We like to set our own rules.


For our clients, our team and ourselves.


As promised.


Our reason

to be

Corpag. House Of Human Capital