We Commit


We Own it


We Respect


We Play


We Activate (ourselves in the first place)


We Give



We are fully dedicated to our work, our clients, colleagues and personal development.


Doing things half way or making decisions partially is just not possible. It just doesn’t work. You either choose to go for it, you believe something to be true and fully commit or NOT. You simply abide by any decision you make. A hundred percent. Foot off the brake. Does that mean that you can never revise? Of course not. Wisdom comes with age and grows through experience. It is never wise just to stick to something just for the purpose of being right. New insights, flexibility of the mind and openness to lessons experienced, all have nothing to do with opportunism.


We believe that you can do anything you want, as long as you believe in yourself.

‘Leadership’ is too fashionable; stale. Just like ‘authenticity’. We would rather be referring to ‘ownership’. It is about grabbing your beliefs and holding on to them and never letting go. Motivation can take you places as long as it comes from the core, your DNA, your heart and soul.


We abide by ethical codes that are based on respect for ourselves, others and the world around us.

You can have a wide range of opinions. And about everybody and everything. You’re entitled to that. Maybe even obligated to. But that doesn’t mean it is limitless. We need to treat others the way we want to be treated: with respect. We assume everybody is right unless proven differently. And: we always keep our posture. Targeting the bullseye; not the person.


Try anything, be anything and learn all.

“Don’t grow up - it’s a trap!”, who doesn’t know the phrase? And another one: “The adult is the child who survived”. We believe this to be true and stimulate others to do so too. However grown-up we act we will always be playful in our minds; looking for new ventures and escape routes just as if we were never conditioned to listen to how we ought to act and think.


By activating mind and body we positively affect our work output.

You have got to keep your mind moving. Thoughts have to flow and you flow with them around the river bend. It is therefore of utter importance that you keep your body and mind active: a sound body and a sound soul. So keep both moving in order to maintain them for at least a hundred years.


We want to give everybody an opportunity but also ask them to pass it on.

Sharing is multiplying and that is something you just cannot do alone. Reciprocity is what you sow; abundance for all is what you sow. You grow from giving. As a business, we can give by positively contributing to all countries we encounter.


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